Movie Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Real Estate Property Moguls

Movie Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Real Estate Property Moguls

Celebrities make more money than they can keep track of. Some choose to spend money on luxury items like buying dog villas and having a customized bathtub. However, according to a report published by putlockers, some of them choose to invest in their future. Below is a list of celebrities who are property moguls.

Ashton Kutcher

When the movie actor first bought a house, he felt like it was the scariest decision he ever made. A couple of years later, he now owns a number of multimillion-dollar homes. Some of these houses are found in Sothern California where Mila Kunis, his wife, lives. There is a beach house in Carpentaria worth $10 million and another in Beverley hills worth $10.2.

Taylor Swift

Ever since she turned 20 years old, Taylor has been buying properties across the US. She bought a condo in Nashville music row in 2009 that was worth $3 million. In 2011, she bought a real estate with a pool and a guesthouse worth $3.97. In2013, she bought a mansion in Rhode Island worth $17.75 million. She did not stop there. She went ahead that same year and bought a penthouse apartment in New York that is worth $25 million. Later, in 2015, we saw her buying a $25 million mansion in Beverly Hills. It seems as though her penthouse apartment in NYC was small because she bought the apartment next to it at $18 million dollars and another one still in the same block at $9.75 million.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Since the 90’s, he collected several properties that now form a collection. In 1994, for $2 million, he bought a house in Hollywood Hills. In 1998, he bought a beach bungalow in California. These two properties have been available on and off in the rental market. In 2005, he bought an island in Belize. He is building an eco-resort that he opened. He also launched an initiative to protect the island as well as its ecosystem.

Recently, he bought a $3.67 luxury apartment in New York and another unit in the exact same building at $8. DiCaprio also purchased a house in Palm Springs worth $5.2 million dollars and a ‘small’ home in Malibu worth $23 million. He has just recently bought a Tudor for $4.9 million in Feliz.

Ellen DeGeneres

She is famous for flipping homes. She buys a home and then sells it later on.  She has even published a book about interior design. Ellen bought a house in 2004 called ‘The Treehouse’. This house has had several owners since then. In 2006, she even sold a $9-million worth of property to Will Ferrel. In 2012, radio personality Ryan Seacrest bought a house from her at $36 million.

Many celebrities may be associated with fast cars, expensive jewellery and flashy clothes. However, it is surprising to find out that most of them are not strangers in the real estate property market. The list above shows just a few of the celebrities whom you would have never guessed were real estate property moguls.

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