About Us

First Stop Mortgage is a website that allows readers to have access to some of the best mortgage advice that they may need when they want to buy or sell a property. First Stop Mortgage was founded in 2006 by an entrepreneurial couple, Mr. Kim and Mrs. Anne who have had vast experience in the field of real estate. When they first bought their first house, they did not know much about what they were doing except for what their broker was telling them about. Not wanting to get into something that they had absolutely have no knowledge of, they studied more about real estate and immersed themselves in it until they made it into a second income which they still do up until today.

While renting out property and doing buy and sell, one of the things that they have noticed is that so many people don’t know about mortgages. When they buy property, they don’t exactly know what they’re getting into– they would just get carried away by what their real estate agents tell them. The aim of their website is to advise those who don’t know how to navigate when they buy or sell a property. They don’t want other people to experience the feeling of not knowing anything about anything when they handle property. They also believe in empowering people by also providing advice on how to do buy and sell of property so those who are more entrepreneurial can make it into a second income.

The couple welcomes any questions no matter how basic or how advanced it is. They will give the best answers that they can give to those who want to know more about their mortgages. If you have any questions regarding mortgages and real estate, send over a message to the website and you’ll get a response as soon as possible.

Have a great day!