Benefits of Advertising Your Real Estate Business on Instagram

Benefits of Advertising Your Real Estate Business on Instagram

Real estate has a huge market. Fortunately, it’s now easier to tap this exclusive market through social media channels like Instagram. Here are ways you can advertise your real estate business on Instagram. First and foremost, however, it’s important to address many of the rumors surrounding Instagram security. There have been reports of an Instagram account hacker who has compromised many accounts. Be sure to use a strong password and to keep updating it regularly.

Let people see the “behind the scenes”

People love real estate. This is why many reality television shows are actually based on this industry. You can take pictures or videos of how your clients visit their dream houses or how they finally set foot on their future homes. You can let your followers see the behind-the-scenes stories that capture their emotions and ignite their interest in your offerings.

Instagram’s Photo Maps

You can actually share photos right to your photo map before you post them. This makes use of the geotag feature which enables you to put a thumbnail of your photo on Google map, so people can see where photos are taken. You can even use third-party services like SnapWidget that help you highlight your photo map right on your own website.

Personal Web profiles

Instagram used to be exclusively mobile, but they recently established web profiles that help you display your photos beautifully on the web interface. You can then link and promote your web profile better. It’s great if there are Instagram users checking out your Instagram profile, but it’s also better if you can actually bring them to your website and attract more leads and, eventually, conversions.

Short video tours of properties

Using videos is becoming more in demand mainly because people’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter. A high-quality video, panoramic tour, or slideshow can help you share your story in an organized and attention-grabbing way. However, people most likely can no longer stand watching a 5-minute video. With Instagram, you can share a 15-second video and you can highlight so by pressing and holding the record button then lifting your finger to stop. You can even add another video from your phone. Try this 15-second video thing featuring your property tour—you can capture two seconds per room. This is a great way to give people a hint of what you have to offer without boring them.

If you want, you can also use Flipagram which helps you make a short video with music featuring photos you have previously taken. You may share these videos and embed them to your blog, article, or website. Instagram always ensures that everyone can see that the content is yours.

Instagram really has a lot of upsides. Although there now are some issues related to hacking and Instagram account security, Instagram still is a widely chosen instrument for marketers in the real estate industry and beyond. Real estate businesses have a lot of resources within reach, and Instagram is just one of the means to creatively show their products or services. If you still haven’t used Instagram as your marketing channel, it’s probably high time to give it a try. Along with your other marketing efforts, with persistence and attention, you can definitely see results in no time.

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