Growing Your Mortgage Business Using Instagram

Growing Your Mortgage Business Using Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms to buy instagram followers and has now been acquired by Facebook. Its features are simple to understand and it focuses more on delivering visuals such as images and videos to the audience. There are hundreds of millions of people drawn to its easy scrolling daily.

Since Instagram has a diverse audience, it can be used for marketing strategies. Aside from entertainment, relevant businesses can transition to social media exposure, even the mortgage business. If you own one, we will be discussing how to utilize Instagram to grow your business.

Steps For Using Instagram As A Business Leverage

As a mortgage business owner, you can promote your business and gain clients through the use of Instagram. It is to be noted that interacting with people online may lessen the impact of potential consequences but in reality, whatever you post can stay there for a long time and for countless people to see.

As you will be performing the steps, bear in mind the responsibility of what information about the business you are providing to the public.

  1. Setting Up The Instagram Profile

To start an account, make sure you select the business profile feature. If you are intending to transform your existing personal account into a business type, you may do so. Keep in mind that this account will be public.

  1. Keeping It Clean

Since you are establishing a means for your business to communicate with potential customers via social media, it is imperative to keep your profile as clean as possible. Clean means that all data must contain only related to the purpose, which is the mortgage business.

Construct phrases on the ‘Bio’ section as professionally sounding as possible and don’t forget to include your contact number and other basic, relevant information. The profile photo must represent your brand in a welcoming and recognizable manner. If there are unwanted photos and videos, back all of them up in separate storage and delete immediately from your account.

  1. Gain Some Attention

Since Instagram’s appeal is on the visuals, you have to work that to your advantage. Your posts may be all mortgage-related but it doesn’t mean it has to look like a sales talk. You need to add variety to your content like sharing infographics and other helpful materials from other sources; providing uplifting content concerning getting a mortgage plan and more.

Additionally, when posting something, it will be very beneficial if it is aesthetically pleasing. Play well with the color options and other image filters. Strategize when to post by researching the behavior patterns and social media presence of your intended audience.

  1. Utilize The Features Well

Hashtagging, geotagging, and tagging in general are very useful features on Instagram. It enables your page to be easily linked through the tags. Once a viewer gains interest due to your post, he/she will rely on tags to reach further to your page.

  1. Follow Other Contemporaries And Related Pages

It’s not appropriate to follow a meme page or a celebrity-dedication page using your business account. Try to follow government agencies, influential organizations, and other communities in the mortgage and real estate industry. This will show to other people that all your claims are based on trusted sources and all information shared came from authorized figures.


When things are done right, you can expect an increase in your following. Maintain consistency in what you do unless you need to be more aggressive. Also, do not forget to showcase your successful business’ results to further enhance your reputation.

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