Five ways to Secure Capital for your Real Estate Business

Five ways to Secure Capital for your Real Estate Business

The real estate business requires massive finances to start and maintain the business. However, you should not give up on your dream to become top real estate brokerage firms if you don’t have enough capital. There are several ways you can exploit to obtain enough finances to start your business.

Hard Money Lenders

This is an approach used by real estate businesses to finance their businesses. The money does not come from banks but rather from private individuals or groups of individuals. Since the money does not come from strictly regulated sectors such as banks, they are easy to secure with few requirements. They are also more willing to finance risky ventures, unlike banks. The disadvantage of these loans is that they attract high-interest rates and require a heavy down payment as well as high-value collateral. Before taking a loan, ensure you have the ability to pay back.


Microloans do not give massive loans seen in banks; however, they are ideal for small businesses or to boost an existing business. The lower balances offered by microloans institutions means that they are less strict and requires low-value collaterals. They also do not have a strict requirement for credit value. If you are afraid of borrowing beyond your means, microloans could be the best choice for you. Nevertheless, they are not ideal if you require massive finances, and their interest is also relatively higher than lending institutions such as banks.

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding came to assist people who want to venture into the real estate business but they do not have enough resources. It works by allowing individuals to select housing projects and participate with the little money they have. They fiancé part of the project under a certain share, and once the project is complete, they get a portion of the profit from the property. The disadvantage of this form of business is that the investor bears the risk if the project fails. They also have less control of the project, and returns could take longer than anticipated. The small amount contributed towards the project means that the returns are also small. Nevertheless, you can use this source to enter in real estate brokerage business.

SBA loans

Small Business Association loans are run under organizations that grantees repayment of loans extended to new business entrepreneurs. As a result, banks are more willing to offer loans. You should understand that these loans cannot be used to fund your existing business since they are only used to support the starting of new businesses. They also require high credit scores and a show of capability to realize significant returns or profit.


Rollover as a business startup (ROBS) is the best choice if you do not want to take a loan. This is an arrangement that allows you to obtain money from your retirement accounts. The advantage of this financing is that there is no payment of any debt since the money is yours. In case your business collapses before realizing good returns, there are no negative effects on the credit score since the money is already yours. Nevertheless, the available amount for withdrawal could be less than what is required for the business. There is also a risk of insecurity for your retirement.

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