How to Save Money on Hotels for Your Next Vacation

How to Save Money on Hotels for Your Next Vacation

Everyone needs to take a break, even students. Students need to de-stress from all the studying and the schoolwork. Traveling and taking a vacation is a good way to get away and take a good breather.

Whether it is having a staycation in your hometown or going far out into another state or even country, it is a good idea to enjoy yourself without breaking the bank or putting a hole in your pocket. One of the essential parts of a vacation is your accommodation, so here are some student travel tips to save money on hotels for your next vacation.

Stay in during the offseason

ThanksĀ to the Peak Performance Tours student tours for suggesting this brilliantĀ idea for students. Hotels during the offseason will be lower costs than booking during peak season. Not only can you cut expenses but you can also avoid the overcrowding of other tourists in your hotel facilities and tourist attractions.

Look out for deals

Look for hotel deals

Many websites offer deals and discounts. A lot of websites give out discounts and deals with their offered coupons and package deals. Some deals can come in joining rewards programs or loyalty programs which can make you earn points or rewards while you travel in your vacation destination.

Know your hotel

Know your hotel

Getting to know your hotel will help make a difference in your travel. There are some instances wherein it would be cheaper to book directly at the hotel than through a website. Another point to remember is that if you are out on vacation to tour the place, it would be wise to get a hotel near all the tourist spots to cut costs on transportation.

Look into alternatives

If the hotels in your travel destination are too expensive or out of your budget, opt to stay at hostels where accommodation is significantly cheaper as you get to just share the space with other travelers and tourists. It is always a good idea to research about nearby hostels and what accommodations they offer and the things they do not offer so you would know how to make adjustments accordingly.

Do not go over your budget

Always be mindful of your budget. Having it all planned out will help you gauge your budget and avoid going overboard. For example, you can choose to splurge on a nice hotel but just cut your vacation short or stay at a cheap hotel and be able to travel around longer.

Maximize being a student

It would be a good idea to bring your school identification card or ID to avail of services or places that offer student discounts. A lot of tourist attractions such as museums offer student discounts and student tours. It may not seem much but you can use the couple of bucks you have saved from that discount to splurge on local delicacies or souvenirs.

Being a student and on a budget does not mean you have to skimp on your vacations. Hopefully, this list guides you on how to save money on your hotel accommodation without breaking the bank.


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