Printing Tips You Want to Consider

Printing Tips You Want to Consider

Printing is common in the modern world. In many cases, students are required to print their work, experts forecast, including notes and assignments. Printing is also common in other areas beyond school. Individuals will find printing useful when they have documents to convert from soft copy to a hard copy.

Companies and other business firms are also heavy users of printing. They print their documents on a daily basis. They also use them during marketing and promotion through the printing of flyers and other printed promotional materials. Due to the heavy printing involved, all these entities should practice some tips that will help them print in a more efficient manner.

When Possible, Avoid Printing

It would be best if you practice storing your documents at a thumb drive. This will assist in avoiding paper usage. Documents can also be saved on emails and sent later.

Another option can be printing your work to a PDF and joining the paperless revolution. Some PDF provisions allow printing to PDF files, and they are then opened using free software.

If You Must Print, Follow these Tips

  • Before printing, ask yourself whether the work you are printing is essential. Ensure your work is error-free before printing.
  • If possible, use small fonts. This will take less space on the paper, hence only a few papers will be used.
  • Print only the pages you need immediately. You can put the page numbers you need or highlight the only sections you need.
  • Avoid colored printing whenever possible. Remember, the charges for color printing are higher, even if there is only a single character that is colored. Use black and white printing if colored printing is not a requirement.
  • In some cases, printing is absolutely necessary, but whenever possible, the files should be shared in a soft copy instead of printing copies for every person. This tip is mainly applicable to educational institutions and companies.
  • Students or staff can be requested to submit their work in electronic forms instead of print outs.

With the wide range of provisions available today, it is possible to add comments, edit, and make corrections on documents instead of doing it on papers. You can then send back the work for corrections and printing of the final copy.

Make work available for download for others to get an electronic copy. Work can be made available on websites for everyone to download and save on their computer. In case of difficulties in using the website or the lack of it, an email is a great option. Though it could be a tedious task, it is better than printing many copies.

When receiving presentations, avoid asking the person who does the presentation to print copies for everyone. In schools, tutors should avoid asking students to make copies of the work for every student. It would be appropriate to use a projector to project the work for everyone to see.

When printing is absolutely important, black and white printing should be recommended for the other copies. This would help save on color printing.

The Bottom Line

Saving on printing is one way of conserving the environment. The above tips will help save papers that translates to saving trees.

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