Do You Need Insurance During Your Home’s Construction?

Do You Need Insurance During Your Home’s Construction?

Insurance is created to ensure a stable financial boarder in case of accident, damage or substantial loss that may be caused by an unknown circumstance. In the case of home construction, there are lots of circumstances that can lead to possible damage or loss of asset—even simple activities like roofing or exterior restoration may cause an extensive damage.

Before constructing your home according to your liking, the activities and operations have to undergo a careful assessment in order to identify the risk and to determine which of these risks needs insurance. A professional like SuperStructures cladding consultants always have construction insurance in his checklist.

Availing all suitable forms of insurance coverage is one of the most crucial measures that an owner can take to protect themselves further from possible risks due to home construction. They should also understand the type of insurance the contractor should maintain during the construction. The type of insurance that they should avail should suffice whatever they need, so they should, at least, have basic knowledge about the insurance available for home construction.

The Impact of the Cost for Construction and the Cost of Insurance

The insurance for remodelling projects or even new construction is actually an expensive purchase. It can actually amount to 10-15% of the cost accumulated for the construction. This means that even though it is expensive, it serves as an important investment in order to protect the financial interests of your construction projects.

This fact is the reason why when bidding for a project, most contractors without insurance are bidding less expensive than an insured contractor. A bid proposal of a not properly insured contractor costs less than a fully insured contractor. If the home owner is not aware of this fact, he or she may mistake this for a competition rather than potential negligence. If the home owner ends up choosing the wrong choice instead of actually cutting, he or she will be at risk whenever something unexpected happens. Before choosing a contractor, you should carefully assess them and know whether they are fully insured or not.

The Owner’s Possible Exposure to Under-Insured or No Insurance

The cost of insurance for the construction means a higher total construction cost, but this total is much better than going for a project with a total uninsured loss. A damaged and uninsured project can result in a cost from a lawsuit due to injury. This lawsuit alone can bankrupt both the contractor and the homeowner.


The gap between policies and an uninsured project can result in a more expensive construction cost. These gaps may come from the ignorance or neglect of the contractor. Due to this fact, it is better to divulge your business to an experienced professional contractor. Insurance for construction risk is one of the things that is often ignored by an owner when it comes to assessing and choosing contractors. Don’t make the same mistake.

The probability of experiencing terrible loss in most cases only amounts to 3%, but these losses are more likely to happen if you engaged your project with an uninsured contractor. As the owner, you must understand and know how to mitigate the known and unknown risks to somehow lighten the construction costs. Also, knowing and understanding your choice of insurance can help a lot more for your home’s construction.

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