Infographic Design Trends Your Mortgage Business Should Consider

Infographic Design Trends Your Mortgage Business Should Consider

Although the major priority for infographic designers is to present information in a form that is visually pleasing, experimentation with new designs and the application of creativity in the design process is also essential for a good piece. The textual and visual elements should aim at clearly explaining the message carried by the material. Outlined below are the most influential trends in infographic design in the year 2018 that mortgage businesses can freely pick up. Graphic design companies, like Secret Hideout from Singapore ( ) are leading the way with setting these trends.

Interactive Infographics

It has been proven that visual tools that are in motion, including GIFs and videos make it easier for infographics to engage with the audience. This is because the visual devices are able to hold the interest of viewers for prolonged periods of time. Therefore, moving visual aids enhance the capability of infographics to seize the concentration of viewers. The usefulness of interactive infographics due to the visual tools makes them an important mode of graphic design Singapore.


Infogifs are infographics that incorporate elements of animation in their design to achieve an appealing appearance that enables the viewer to understand better the phenomenon that is being explained. Contrary to interactive infographics, they do not lead the user to separate sites, but they illustrate the content in an appealing manner.

3D Illustrations

The use of 3d design methods in graphical design is popular once again. In the year 2018, there will be many designers who will explore the possibility of using 3D design techniques in their work to add depth to their infographics. The advantage of having a third dimension in a graphic design is that it gives the image a more realistic facade. As a result, 3d illustrations effectively define the concept.


The popularity of creative typography continues to rise in recent times, and it will certainly be an important technique in the year 2018. Typography involves depicting text in an artistic fashion and similar to many art forms, it has multiple styles. This technique allows a graphic designer to employ creativity in the process of writing words.

The infographic with typography pleasantly combines textures, gradients and flats with creative typography. The numbering, which is a key element of the infographic flow, is shown to mingle with the illustrations. Other compositional foundations add depth to the design.

Negative space

Negative space is a useful technique in the design of infographic and is bound to be popular in the year 2018. The method is achieved when the space around the subject morphs into an artistic form. It can be subdivided into negative space graphics and negative space typography, and it makes infographics very attractive.

Bright colors

The function of bright colors in infographics is to capture the attention since bright colors are pleasing to look at. Therefore, many graphic designers have recognized the advantages that bright colors have and combine them with photography, 3d graphics, gradients and illustrations to create creative designs. This strategy is useful as long as the text remains dark.

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