How to Connect Facebook with Twitter

How to Connect Facebook with Twitter

Twitter and Facebook are the two popular social networks who have a number of members who have presence on both the networks. Sometimes we even have to buy Buy TikTok Likes if we put same content on TikTok as well. So there are times, when a registered Twitter user has to post the tweet separately on his Facebook wall after logging in to the website and vice versa. But there is a specific Twitter app available on Facebook, which saves you the trouble of spending time in posting the same message separately on each of these social networks. Using this app, you can easily connect your Facebook profile with that of Twitter.


Log in to Facebook using your log in credential. Enter your email address and password and click on the Sign In button to log in. Once you are logged in to the social network, you will be redirected to the status page.

Type in the word “Twitter” in the search box that appears on top of your Facebook home page, and click on the button shown next to the textbox. You can see a set of results in form of a drop down list. Select the specific result that shows the category as App. Click on the search result which shows the word App along with the Twitter logo.

You will be redirected to the fan page of Twitter. Click on the “Go to App” button appearing at the right hand side of the page just below the profile picture. The site will redirect you to “Request for Permission” page. The page will ask you to grant permission to publicly share your personal information like name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, and list of friends. It will also ask for your permission to access your profile information like likes, music, TV, movies, books, quotes, about me, activities, interests, groups, and events. If you agree to share these details publicly, click on the “Allow” button appearing under the form.

Now you will be taken to the “Twitter on Facebook” page, where you will be asked the question “Would you like to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts?” There will also be a log in form asking you to enter your Twitter log in credentials like Twitter username and Twitter password. But if you do not have an existing account on Twitter, click on the Register link appearing above the form.

You need not worry about the misuse or inappropriate display of your Twitter log in credentials as the app expressly declares, “Your username and password will be securely transmitted to Twitter.” Further, the app also states that connecting your accounts will not post anything to Twitter or Facebook without your explicit consent. You may remove the connection between your Twitter and Facebook accounts at any time. Enter the exact values and click on the “Allow” button appearing just below the form.

Now both your Twitter and Facebook accounts are connected. It will provide you with an option to transfer your profile picture and ask you to select a checkbox stating allow Twitter to post updates to your Facebook wall. Select the desired options and click on the “Share Link” button to complete the process of connecting your Facebook and Twitter profiles.

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