Cryptocurrency as Mortgage Payment

Cryptocurrency as Mortgage Payment

Are you a crypto currency investor? Do you have a large mortgage debt? Are you aware that crypto currency can now be used as a mortgage payment? If no, keep reading the insights shared by team.

You heard it right. Though not all real estate companies accept crypto payments, this currency can now be used as a payment to your debts.

The usage of BitCoin, Ethereum, and a lot more cryptocurrencies has become a trend this 2019, and a lot of new investors have already taken the risk. This online investment works as your online and real-time asset that increases through time. You can withdraw it whenever you like, tax-free. There is nothing better than paying your debts with just one tap away – through your mobile phones or computers. Using your online asset as payment will cut you off a lot more costs than just the banking charges.

The following are the advantages of paying mortgages through crypto currency:


Cryptocurrencies are helpful when it comes to giving you the ease of trading and investing. Portfolio diversification can help you  pay more than just a chunk of your current mortgage debts, and it will also help you invest in other properties other than real estate.

For portfolio diversification, you will have to sell your stocks on a price higher than its cost and invest the rest to different types of properties. Giving your portfolio a diverse stock collection will save you from the risks of absorbing a huge amount of expenses and losses.


Though it may not be tax-free at all, using cryptocurrencies, in lieu of actual cash, will save you more than 3% in tax alone.  Make sure though, that upon filing your current financial statement, you disclose the exact amount of cryptos you still have and the amount you used. This will help to lessen the risk of having further troubles with the government, and it will also give you easier access to investing in government bonds and treasury bills.

When compared to local bankings and transactions with actual  cash, the tax won’t just include your type of transaction but also your nationality, location of consumption, and usage purposes. Whereas, using cryptocurrencies will only need your income tax regulations.


The usage of cryptos as payment for business transactions is helpful since it fluctuates just as market prices do. Amongst all investments, the cryptocurrency may be vulnerable to lower interest rates, yet it is also as volatile when it comes to higher interest rates.

When the market prices inflate, so is your investment. For instance, having a 6% interest on your mortgage rate  may cause you the same rate after a year or so. This is because cryptocurrencies easily get along with market prospects and economic factors.

The only disadvantage with cryptocurrency is that it is not accepted as legal tender in some entities. Though by the year 2022, financial analysts claim that this type of currency may be legally recognized and used in addition to online banking as a system of online payment and investment.

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