8 Best Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Feel Fresh

8 Best Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Feel Fresh

Spring is that one beautiful season where everything around you is incredibly beautiful, with flowers to birds’ chirps everywhere. To enjoy this season to the fullest, you need to Read full article at floorcleaningtools in order to perform a thorough cleaning of your house.

A clean house is not only healthy but also peaceful and beautiful. Consequently, everything around you will be as beautiful as the season itself.

But how do you clean your house in preparation for this season? This article explores 8 easy tips to help you clean and keep your house fresh during spring.

  • Create a Cleaning Plan

You are bound to have a hard time with your spring cleaning tasks if you don’t have a plan in mind. It is a good idea to come up with a realistic plan that you can follow during your cleaning. Make plans for how you intend to clean the rooms and how long it might take.

  • Clean your Clothes and Washable Fabrics

Your clothes may have accumulated dirt over time and may therefore require cleaning. Remove all the dirty ones including your bedding, curtains, and all the washable fabrics in all your rooms. Launder them and leave them out to dry as you clean your drawers and closets before folding and hanging them appropriately.

  • Clean your Rooms

An effective way to clean your house is to clean room by room. Have a checklist for cleaning each room so you know which areas to concentrate on and what needs to be organized. When cleaning the rooms, use clean water and detergent, and be sure to rinse until all dirt is gone.

Floor cleaning should be done according to the floor type. Be sure to research the right way to clean your various/specific floors then do it right.

  • Clean the Windows

As obvious as it sounds, cleaning window panes is not in everyone’s daily cleaning plan. Yet, clean window panes allow more light inside your home and give it a fresher feel.

It is therefore a must-do task while preparing for a fresh and fun-filled spring. Use a glass cleaner and a clean soft cloth to clean the windows.  However, if you don’t have a cleaner, mix white vinegar, water, and liquid soap. Spray the mixture on the windows and use newspaper to scrub them clean.

  • Clean the Gutters

Gutters take a while to get cleaned and therefore collect a lot of dirt over time. Spring, being the rainiest season is the best time to harvest rainwater. Therefore, make sure that you clean the gutters to collect clean and safe water.

  • Organize Your House

A more organized house allows efficient air circulation making the house fresher. Therefore, after cleaning, ensure that you organize your furniture, shelves, and closet neatly. Be sure to clear the clutter by sorting out your belonging. This way, you will know what to keep, store, throw, or give away. Also, organize things in your house while ensuring that they do not inhibit airflow.

  • Clean the HVAC System

In addition to cleaning your clothes and surfaces remember to clean your air conditioning system. A clean air conditioning system will allow cleaner air inside the house. A butter knife wrapped in a rag can come in handy to help you clean the air vents.

  • Use the Right Cleaning Supplies

Another important tip is to ensure that you have the right cleaning supplies that will make your spring cleaning effective. It is recommendable to use a microfiber cloth and all-purpose cleaner that will help keep most areas of your home clean and fresh.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your house is a great way to prepare for the spring season. Don’t forget to come up with a plan to make your spring cleaning tasks easier.  Also, it is a good idea to adopt these cleaning habits to make your next spring cleaning hassle-free.

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