5 Marketing Tips Applicable For Mortgage Brokers

5 Marketing Tips Applicable For Mortgage Brokers

Marketing can be pretty tasking especially for businesses that focus on specialties like mortgage brokerage. It’s hard to foresee the results and that can lead to a difficult judgment call.

Nowadays where trusted advertisement agencies like Bloggersneed are less available, to help you boost the chances of succeeding, take a look at these five marketing tips that are affordable and practical to implement.

Display your mortgage broker bond

A mortgage surety bond is required to have as a mortgage broker. Use it as an advantage to show clients that their investments will be protected. Display it in all your platforms proudly.

If you don’t have a license bond yet, you can get it easily. All you have to do is first, research on your specific bond requirement, then look for surety bond agencies’ website and finally, file an online application.

Ask for positive reviews online

Asking for feedback can be quite bothersome if not done strategically. Customers can find it tasking to comply and can even be untruthful. You can get online reviews in a more customer-friendly way.

There are review platforms available online and choose that fits your management style.

Also, encourage customers to make relevant reviews through a quick procedure that won’t take up there time yet you can obtain the most honest of testimonials. Use the reviews, not for the disadvantage of the outspoken customer but positive advertising.

Utilize ‘Google My Business’

‘Google My Business’ is a free online tool that can put your business on the map. It can help potential customers that are searching for mortgage brokerage find your relevant details easily and clearly.

If you have not used it, you have to, first, set up a Google account for your business. Then, you can select the tool and create a page. It is very easy to initialize and can be edited for more information if you have more than nine locations.

Take advantage of social media platforms

Running a website for your business can be tough, especially when potential customers prefer social media platforms for inquiries. To maximize such a wide and diverse audience, create a social media account dedicated to promoting your business.

However, determine your key demographic first since there are social media where certain age groups favor. Twitter tends to be popular on early adults and middle-aged while Facebook is used by all ages and regardless of status in life.

It may be difficult to make certain audiences be engaged in what you are promoting but you will gain a large exposure and can even use the platform for redirecting to your website.

Get outside exposure

Whatever platform you do, whether using online services or the traditional advertising transactions, potential customers will find it easy to remember a business basing on the name, the address, and the phone number alone.

Using these three details consistently in any form of marketing can help them locate you conveniently and even recommend to other people easily.


Marketing a mortgage brokerage is not limited to the five tips mentioned. However, trying at least one or two of them can help greatly in keeping your business running with minimum investment and maximum exposure.

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